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We construct comprehensive, creative, detailed, affordable and professional Home Improvement. We are full service experts that provide you restoration, peace of mind inclusive of the improvement!

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Choosing an unlicensed contractor for a cheaper price can be a costly mistake. Prices that seem too good to be true often are. Unlicensed contractors may not be transparent about extra costs or unforeseen repairs. On the other hand, licensed contractors have a professional reputation to maintain and must adhere to ethical standards to keep their licenses.

Unlicensed contractors often use the deceptive “bait and switch” tactic. They give you a low initial quote but then request additional payment for items not included in the contract or claim they were not anticipated during the estimation. It is safer to trust the professional ethics of a licensed contractor.

While an unlicensed contractor might produce good work, there’s no guarantee of your satisfaction. With a licensed contractor, you can trust their experience, ethics, and commitment to maintaining professional standards. It’s worthwhile to pay a bit more for the peace of mind that comes with a proven track record of delivering high-quality results.

Unlicensed handymen are notorious for various scams, including taking payment but never finishing or even starting the agreed-upon job. Licensed contractors are easily traceable through the Department of Labor and Licensing Board, making it highly unlikely for them to get away with such actions.

Kita, The Mastermind

with over 20 years of experience as an MHIC Licensed, Accredited Residential Manager, Licensed & Bonded GC, and she is a licensed Realtor with a portfolio including fix and flips in addition to rental property holdings.

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5 Star Solutions are renovation experts with over 20 years of experience in renovations. We provide a comprehensive scope of work for all projects  small or large. We are fully licensed, bonded and insured.


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